HEIGHT: 6 ft. 2 in.    WEIGHT: 186 lbs.    SUIT: 40R    WAIST: 32 in.    INSEAM: 32 in.   EYES: brown    HAIR: dark brown

LANGUAGES: Greek, Russian, English


A FEW WORDS ABOUT ME: Originally from Greece, of a Russian and Georgian descent, I had the privilege to receive a multi-cultural upbringing and become a native speaker of the Greek and Russian language.

My 16-year journey in professional soccer led me up to the National Soccer Division II and equipped me with a versatile set of physical skills, a deep appreciation of team culture, and a close familiarity with high-level competition.

After 4 years of militarized training in Law, Weapons, and Tactical Operations at the coveted Officers’ Academy of the Greek Police, I graduated as a Lieutenant and joined the Riot Police Forces in Athens. My tenure as a Platoon Leader amidst an unceasing socioeconomic turmoil, played a critical role in sharpening my leadership skills, fearless attitude, and camaraderie.

I am currently pursuing a full-time acting career, a storytelling passion encouraged by the holistic mentorship of my acting coaches at Beverly Hills Playhouse SF. When I am not working on a script, you will find me exercising, studying philosophy, dancing tango, and challenging my wife, Marta, to book reading competitions.

My craft’s mission is to offer compelling, with attention to detail, performances that will be part of thought-provoking, inspiring, and worth-remembering narratives.

Theatrical and commercial print representation by Stars.