David Kait (pron. “Kite”) is a former overseas Police Lieutenant. A 2013 graduate of the Hellenic Police Academy, Kait holds a Bachelor’s in Law Enforcement, and speaks fluent English, Greek, and Russian languages. He was born in 1991 in Pella, Northern Greece and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.



Kait was commissioned as a Police Second Lieutenant (Nato Code: OF-1) and became one of the youngest commanding officers to serve as a platoon leader at the special riot police division Units for the Reinstatement of Order (Greek: YAT). His team participated in more than 100 ground operations throughout the Greek mainland and Athens metropolitan area during the Greek government-debt crisis.



As part of the four-year police academy, Kait also received Basic Recruit Training from the Hellenic Army and Basic Unconventional Warfare Training from the Hellenic Special Forces. As a young cadet, he became a select member of the drill team, worked as an intern for three core police stations in Athens, and volunteered as a “hostage” in training scenarios with the Greek elite tactical unit Special Suppressive Antiterrorist Unit (Greek: EKAM). After two full years of field experience, he moved to the US as a graduate student in Leadership at San Francisco State University.


Kait combines 20+ years of athletic experience from soccer, long distance running, swimming, martial arts, and obstacle racing. He is giving back to the world of sports as a fitness coach, certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.


- Senior Drill and Fitness Instructor of Cadet Basic Training.

- 19U Division II soccer team captain.

- Student parade flag-bearer.


- Honorary certificate of achievement awarded by the Hellenic Special Forces.

- Twelve distinctions for academic excellence awarded by the Greek Ministry of Education.

- Top 1% Panhellenic college entrance exams honors awarded by Eurobank EFG (Greek: “Πρώτος των Πρώτων”). 





«100 λέξεις σε 100 ώρες για τη “Σχεδία”»

A published collection of short stories supporting people in need.


40th San Francisco Marathon for a good cause.





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